Thursday, September 20, 2018

Teacher Spotlight: Pat Pauly

I am excited to have Pat Pauly returning to QSDS in 2019 to teach three classes! You’ve gotta love a teacher who tells jokes while taking selfies of herself with her class.
Pat's art quilts have a unique look, thanks to the fabrics she creates for them. If you love the look of those bold, bright handmade prints, come spend five days with Pat and experiment with stenciling, stamping and screen printing with thickened dyes. You will end up with your own stash of amazing, unique fabrics!
Pat designs all of her quilts improvisationally. Do you second guess your design decisions? Are you kind of afraid to cut into your favorite hand dyed fabrics? Pat is a great one for helping you get over those hurdles.
Pat will be teaching classes during Sessions 1, 2 and 3. 
Check it all out here!

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

QSDS 2018: What We Did and What You Missed

Those two weeks of QSDS flew by! Whew!
Maria Shell was among the teachers who came to QSDS for the first time - all the way from Alaska!
She guided two different groups of students through the intricacies of improvisational strip piecing. Those sewing machines and rotary cutters really got a work-out!
Maria helped Beth Esmont work out a very complex design.

Seth Apter brought his vast mixed media knowledge to QSDS and encouraged everyone to create complex surfaces from papers, fabrics and embellishments. 
As Susan Haftel discovered, there was no such thing as too many layers of painting, stenciling, collaging and stitching.
Kristen Rodriguez created a lovely group of booklets destined to be wrapped inside painted and collaged covers.

QSDS was a little more of an adventure this year.  The college decided to completely resurface almost every street and sidewalk surrounding the campus. It made for some things, such as getting to the dining hall, quite an adventure!
Orange barrels and cones were everywhere. But, very soon, all of this will be completed. When we meet again at CCAD next May for QSDS's 30th anniversary, the campus will be beautiful.
So, check out the 2019 class listings and start planning!

Thursday, April 19, 2018

QSDS Teacher Spotlight: Heide Stoll-Weber

We are excited to have Heide returning to QSDS from her home in Germany. Heide is wearing the glasses in the photo above. She is standing with her friend, Christina who helps her at shows in England and Europe.  Heide is a famed dyer and quilt artist whose work has been juried into many shows including Quilt National, Visions and the Dairy Barn's 2016 exhibition, "Mastery: Sustaining the Momentum," Which was curated by Nancy Crow.

During the first seven days of QSDS, Heide's students will work together to create a series of dyed swatches for a notebook that is sure to be an invaluable reference that you will use for the rest of your dyeing days. This is something that every fiber artist needs, so why not do it in a group with a master dyer guiding you?

During the week, there will be plenty of time to also dye yardage, using your newly-honed skills. Heide will also have advice to share about how to effectively use your beautiful dyed fabric.
Learn more about Heide's class here:

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Teacher Spotlight: Deborah Griffing

With two Fine Arts degrees and a background in teaching, Debbie really knows her stuff. For the past 13 years, she has been working with Goodwill in Columbus to set up and maintain an art studio and gallery for artists with disabilities.
Debbie's classes for 2018 QSDS highlight two very different techniques and types of media. Her 5-day class, during the second week of QSDS (June 4-8), focuses on Creating art from recycled fabrics and embellishments. No need to bring a sewing machine - everything can be hand stitched.  Here is one of her latest pieces, "Space House".

During the last weekend of QSDS (June 9-10), Debbie will share her painting and mixed media skills. No drawing skills are required for this 2-day class! Working on smooth clay-boards, Debbie will encourage you to experiment with techniques that include mono-printing, adding collage elements, and scratching back into the painted surface.
Read the full descriptions of Debbie's classes and see more of her artwork here:

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Teacher Spotlight: Lorie McCown

Lorie studied drawing and painting in college. Although she still paints, much of her work these days involves stitching, either by hand or machine. Her quilt, "The Story Cloth Vol. 1-4", was in Quilt National 2015. She is known for the way she works old textiles into her art, re-purposing them to help tell a story.

Do Treasured family items or discarded pieces of clothing and fabrics from the thrift shop speak to you? Then you might want to join Lorie and spend some time exploring what you can say and do with those textiles.
During the second week of QSDS 2018, Lorie will teach "Connections in Cloth (a 5 day class) and "Ex Voto: Small Stitched Works" (a 2 day class).
Come to QSDS and get some quality stitching time in!
Learn more about her classes here:

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Teacher Spotlight: Susan Lenz

Susan is a multi-faceted fiber artist who has the knack for working on more than one series at a time.  Her artwork includes machine and hand stitchery, altered books and mixed media collage. During the first week at QSDS 2018, Susan will teach HOT and HOTTER.  Here is a commission that Susan created, using the techniques she will teach in her QSDS classes.
Both the five-day and the two-day classes utilize fabrics and tools that may be new to you: Polyester velvet, felt and wood burning tools (yes, you get to melt holes in your artwork!). Add lots of machine-sewn thread and perhaps some metallic foiling and you are guaranteed to be off in a new direction where can you take these techniques and make them your own.
Susan is always exploring new ways of working... Maybe it is time for you to do the same. 
Check out her classes at:

And visit this posting on Susan's blog, or explore the links to videos of her working processes.  You will be amazed by this one:

Monday, January 15, 2018

Teacher Spotlight: Sue Bleiweiss

Sue's modern, clean-lined quilts have won many awards over the years. She will teach two classes during the first week of QSDS.  Sue is a fuser: the parts of her quilts that look like they might be pieced are actually fused.
Her five-day class will focus on working this way, starting with sketches then creating a quilt. Line is an important element in her work and that is the focus of her weekend class during Session 2.  She often creates lines from fused fabric But she is also a master of machine quilting, so students are sure to become more confident about their machine quilting skills.
Sue is the author of several books, with another one in the works.  Like many quilt artists, she uses her sketchbook to record ideas and start working out designs.  She authored a book about the wildly successful Sketchbook Challenge.  Check out her classes, the supply lists and more images of her work here: