Monday, October 30, 2017

Teacher Spotlight - Seth Apter

We are delighted to have Seth Apter scheduled to teach two classes during the first week of 2018 QSDS! Seth is a mixed media artist whose artwork covers practically all the bases: collage, assemblage with found objects, altered books, books made from scratch and much more. Plus he has recently bought a sewing machine and is starting to explore adding more fabric and machine stitching.
Layers are his thing.  With five days or a weekend, (or even seven days) you'll have the luxury to really get into your art, experiment and explore some new techniques.  Come work in (or discover) your own personal style.  Seth is a calm and generous teacher who knows so much about art and design.
Seth is a multi-talented designer.  You may have seen his name on some of your design tools.  He designs stencils, rubber stamps, lines of paint and items for collage.  This is going to be a FUN week!
Check out his classes here:

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Teacher Spotlight - Clare Murray-Adams

Clare is an art quilter who became interested in encaustics (the use of melted wax), for painting and collage.  She brings her fabric and sewing experience to this fascinating medium. During the second week of QSDS, Clare will teach two classes that carry encaustics into a less traditional direction.

The encaustic medium can be used as is, for a mysterious, cloudy look, or you can stencil or drip or paint with pigment to give it a completely different feel.
Clare brings the wax, the pigments and about a gazillion tools for adding texture!
Students will learn to dip fabrics and papers into the wax to create book pages and collages with paper, fabric, threads and found objects.  YES! You can sew through these!
Carry this even further and experiment with forming vessels and small 3-D sculptures.  Here are some small pieces created by her last group of students at QSDS.
If you are thinking about exploring encaustics, or are curious about adding other mediums to your textile pieces, then this is the perfect way to try it out and to learn from one of the best!
Clare's classes are #17 (5 days) and #22 (2 days) on the QSDS schedule.
Check them out and our other classes at:

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Expect the Unexpected!

When we sign up for classes at QSDS, we think we have a pretty good idea of what to expect.
The exciting part is, that you never know what will happen along the way!

Our fabulous vendors, Kristen Rodrigues (Fiber on a Whim) and Becky Hancock (St. Theresa Treasure Trove), set up their traveling shops offering an eye-popping assortment of goodies. 
Katrina, Becky's skeleton friend, sits in her finery, outside the door to welcome all visitors to the Vendor room.  She will even pose for pictures!

What could be a better inspiration for Susie Shie?  During Sessions 1 and 2 of QSDS, Susie was teaching an art journaling class.  Soon, Katrina the skeleton was recorded color on the pages of Susie's sketchbook!

It just goes to show that we can all be open to all of the inspirations going on around us at QSDS.  Not just those in our own classrooms.  And, who knows... Maybe Katrina will even end up on one of Susie's quilts some day!

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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

2017 QSDS Scholarship Auctions

Many thanks to all of those who donated and /or bid on mini quilts at our Friday night Reception & Auctions!
Each Friday night at QSDS we had wine, hors d oeuvres, and lots of laughs with all of the new and old friends that we had made during the week.
Cindy Brendzel and Susan Stevenson both donated mini quilts to the auction.  They ended up bidding on, and winning, each others quilts!!

The funds raised will provide scholarships to QSDS students in 2018!
Would you like to apply for a 2018 scholarship? Check out the application here:

Saturday, July 1, 2017

What We Did at QSDS 2017

Another QSDS is behind us.  What did you miss if you weren't there?

The students in Rosalie Dace's class learned the importance of both line and shape in a composition.

Sue Benner's class painted and printed with thickened dye - and discovered that it takes at least two people to move a really large monoprint!

The Wednesday bus trip went first to the Ohio Craft Museum (where quilts by Shelley Baird and Mary Ann Tipple were among those on display) and then on to Athens, Ohio to see Quilt National 2017.

Registration for QSDS 2018 is now open, so go to and check out our new and exciting classes!

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

QSDS Teacher Spotlight: Kevin Womack

If you have ever come to shop at the Tuesday evening Mini Bazaar that is held each week at QSDS, you know that there will be a crush of eager shoppers looking for the perfect length of fabric or T shirt. They all know that Kevin is a master dyer who knows all the ins and outs of surface design. Kevin’s quilts have been juried into many shows, including Quilt National and Visions. During the final weekend of QSDS, Kevin will share some of his tips and techniques when he teaches “Playing with Fabric Paints.”  This is a perfect time to experiment with silkscreens, Gelli plates, found objects and lots more. This class will be fun and freeing. You are sure to go home with some wonderful, very personal fabrics as well as a new set of skills.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Teacher Spotlight: Esterita Austin

Do you love pictorial art quilts but don't quite have confidence in your drawing and painting skills? Then Esterita's classes may be just right for you!
She has developed a unique method that  will allow you to create a beautiful painted image on sheer fabric. You may know Esterita from her earlier series of amazingly realistic and colorful portraits of people.  She definitely knows a thing or two about light and shading.  Why not try a landscape, a still life, or a favorite building and see where Esterita's guidance takes you?
Check out her Session 3 and Session 4 classes: