Thursday, February 8, 2018

Teacher Spotlight: Lorie McCown

Lorie studied drawing and painting in college. Although she still paints, much of her work these days involves stitching, either by hand or machine. Her quilt, "The Story Cloth Vol. 1-4", was in Quilt National 2015. She is known for the way she works old textiles into her art, re-purposing them to help tell a story.

Do Treasured family items or discarded pieces of clothing and fabrics from the thrift shop speak to you? Then you might want to join Lorie and spend some time exploring what you can say and do with those textiles.
During the second week of QSDS 2018, Lorie will teach "Connections in Cloth (a 5 day class) and "Ex Voto: Small Stitched Works" (a 2 day class).
Come to QSDS and get some quality stitching time in!
Learn more about her classes here:

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Teacher Spotlight: Susan Lenz

Susan is a multi-faceted fiber artist who has the knack for working on more than one series at a time.  Her artwork includes machine and hand stitchery, altered books and mixed media collage. During the first week at QSDS 2018, Susan will teach HOT and HOTTER.  Here is a commission that Susan created, using the techniques she will teach in her QSDS classes.
Both the five-day and the two-day classes utilize fabrics and tools that may be new to you: Polyester velvet, felt and wood burning tools (yes, you get to melt holes in your artwork!). Add lots of machine-sewn thread and perhaps some metallic foiling and you are guaranteed to be off in a new direction where can you take these techniques and make them your own.
Susan is always exploring new ways of working... Maybe it is time for you to do the same. 
Check out her classes at:

And visit this posting on Susan's blog, or explore the links to videos of her working processes.  You will be amazed by this one:

Monday, January 15, 2018

Teacher Spotlight: Sue Bleiweiss

Sue's modern, clean-lined quilts have won many awards over the years. She will teach two classes during the first week of QSDS.  Sue is a fuser: the parts of her quilts that look like they might be pieced are actually fused.
Her five-day class will focus on working this way, starting with sketches then creating a quilt. Line is an important element in her work and that is the focus of her weekend class during Session 2.  She often creates lines from fused fabric But she is also a master of machine quilting, so students are sure to become more confident about their machine quilting skills.
Sue is the author of several books, with another one in the works.  Like many quilt artists, she uses her sketchbook to record ideas and start working out designs.  She authored a book about the wildly successful Sketchbook Challenge.  Check out her classes, the supply lists and more images of her work here:

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Teacher Spotlight: Maria Shell

Maria Shell is really on a roll! Her quilt Uptown Rail Fence just won a third place prize at the Houston International Quilt Festival, she has an article in the Oct/Nov issue of Quilting Arts magazine, AND she has a new book out! Improv Patchwork: Dynamic Quilts Made With Line and Shape. It is beautifully laid out and full of useful tips.
Maria will teach two classes during the second week of QSDS 2018.  You will be amazed at what you can create with sets of strips and simple pieced shapes.
Whether you are an old hand at this art quilt game or quite new to quiltmaking, bring your sewing machine and spend some quality time learning from a teacher with lots of great ideas.
 Learn more about Maria's classes and our other instructors and classes at:

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Teacher Spotlight: Deborah Fell

Deborah knows a thing or two about both art and teaching.  Along with being a professional artist with a whole range of gallery shows and artist residencies under her belt, she was a public school teacher for many years.  She is an expert at creating a supportive and inspirational atmosphere for her students.
Deborah will teach two classes during the first week of QSDS 2018.  Come for her 5-day class and immerse yourself in the rewards of working on a series of small fabric collages.  Don't want to bring a sewing machine?  This is a chance to explore collage and mark-making via hand stitching, so a machine is not an absolute must!
On the weekend, Deborah will add paper and paints to the mix of fabrics and fibers. Bring your sewing machine and zoom along. Deborah has lots of techniques and good solid design advice to share. You are sure to go home energized and ready to continue on your creative journey.
Check out Deborah's full class descriptions and all of our other classes at:

Monday, October 30, 2017

Teacher Spotlight - Seth Apter

We are delighted to have Seth Apter scheduled to teach two classes during the first week of 2018 QSDS! Seth is a mixed media artist whose artwork covers practically all the bases: collage, assemblage with found objects, altered books, books made from scratch and much more. Plus he has recently bought a sewing machine and is starting to explore adding more fabric and machine stitching.
Layers are his thing.  With five days or a weekend, (or even seven days) you'll have the luxury to really get into your art, experiment and explore some new techniques.  Come work in (or discover) your own personal style.  Seth is a calm and generous teacher who knows so much about art and design.
Seth is a multi-talented designer.  You may have seen his name on some of your design tools.  He designs stencils, rubber stamps, lines of paint and items for collage.  This is going to be a FUN week!
Check out his classes here:

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Teacher Spotlight - Clare Murray-Adams

Clare is an art quilter who became interested in encaustics (the use of melted wax), for painting and collage.  She brings her fabric and sewing experience to this fascinating medium. During the second week of QSDS, Clare will teach two classes that carry encaustics into a less traditional direction.

The encaustic medium can be used as is, for a mysterious, cloudy look, or you can stencil or drip or paint with pigment to give it a completely different feel.
Clare brings the wax, the pigments and about a gazillion tools for adding texture!
Students will learn to dip fabrics and papers into the wax to create book pages and collages with paper, fabric, threads and found objects.  YES! You can sew through these!
Carry this even further and experiment with forming vessels and small 3-D sculptures.  Here are some small pieces created by her last group of students at QSDS.
If you are thinking about exploring encaustics, or are curious about adding other mediums to your textile pieces, then this is the perfect way to try it out and to learn from one of the best!
Clare's classes are #17 (5 days) and #22 (2 days) on the QSDS schedule.
Check them out and our other classes at: