Monday, March 25, 2019

Rosalie’s Inspiration

What inspires you? Rosalie Dace is starting with two different types of inspiration for her 2019 QSDS classes.

When you go on a trip or walk around your town, do you find yourself shooting photos of interesting windows and doors? Rosalie’s 5-day class “Looking In, Looking Out” will encourage you to start with windows and doors as your inspiration.

There are so many ways to approach this, ways that go well beyond creating a realistic image of a particular window or door. That’s what Rosalie does in her work:
You’ll find yourself thinking about the shapes and structural elements, or contemplating how things look from the inside as opposed to the outside. So many ways to interpret this...

I’ll bet you sometimes buy a piece of piece of fabric and then wait till it tells you what to do with it. In Rosalie’s weekend class, “Kuba Connections,” focuses on a traditional African cloth, but students will use it purely as design inspiration, pulling the shapes, colors and drama from this traditional fabric.

Read all about Rosalie and her classes here:

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