Friday, September 18, 2009

Conversations in Fabric

The exhibition at the Ohio Craft Museum went very well. Betty Talbott and her staff always hang a show so nicely. We had a good turnout and the show will be up until November 1st. I would recommend going to take a peek. The blue and brown piece above is mine. It is a collage piece: cotton, canvas, oil paint, pieces from recycled magazines and embroidery floss. It is called Past, Present, Future.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Party hats

Look at these amazing hats!! Each of our QSDS teachers was presented with a hat that their class made especially for them. They wore them with grace and STYLE!!!!! But they were not alone. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of QSDS everyone was given a hat to decorate any way they wanted. You should have seen the variety! Feathers, glitter, flashy-blinky things, fabric (of course), gummy bears and other assorted foods...You name it and someone had it on their hat!! We had a great time!!

I wish I was at QSDS

What I wouldn't give..... to be at a class at QSDS right now!! and I am not saying that because I run the whole thing! :) I have just been working on some new pieces and I have been looking at them for so long that I have lost all sense of what is good and what is not! That is the problem about not having someone to bounce ideas off of. Does anyone else feel that way?