Tuesday, February 22, 2022


 Jiyoung will teach two classes during the second week of QSDS. She is a master of the traditional Korean art known at Joomchi. But her work, and that of her students, is not at all traditional. This mixed media technique is really fun!  Students start by smooshing strong but light mulberry paper until it becomes soft and clothlike. Traditionally, Joomchi was made into clothing and purses as well as wall art. Jiyoung brings lots of the right kind of mulberry paper in a rainbow of colors.

This is a chance to experiment. Anything goes. You can weave in strips of paper or fabric, like Carole is doing

Holes are desirable, papers and fabrics and trims can be melded into the surface.  Joomchi can be sewn or painted. Dianne Mehlinger’s design board looked great!

Nancy Karst experimented by adding vintage lace.

Whether your main interest is art quilts, paper collage, bookmaking, or even sculpture, this class will open your eyes to a whole world of new possibilities. Jiyoung has a devoted base of students who will tell you what a delightful person she is. If you would like to know more about Jiyoung and her classes, click here: https://www.qsds.com/teachers2022.html