Wednesday, October 5, 2022

2022: Back To In-Person QSDS!

 We did it! We arrived at the college from all over the country,

vaccinated and well-prepared with masks, hand sanitizer and all of our fabrics and art

supplies. Everyone was so eager to get to work and learn something

new, to see old friends and make new ones. As always, it was a great

mix of techniques and design, sewing, painting and dyeing.

Christi was just one of Sue Benner’s students who worked on a series
of small studies and learned how to get to the heart of a design.
QSDS has always been known as an opportunity to try something out
of the ordinary. We were all so happy to have time to truly focus on
exploring new techniques with teachers who are masters at what they
teach. Jane spent five days in Lisa Binkley’s class, exploring a variety
of methods to dye and print with botanicals.

The CCAD Dye was full of leaves, seed pods and flowers, plus
mysterious solutions in buckets.
Michael James came out of retirement to be the mentor for the
Independent Study
Participants spent the week working on their fiber art, benefitting from
individual critiques and enjoying wide-ranging discussions about art in
all its forms.

Now we can begin looking forward to 2023. The information about the
classes and activities is all here on the web site. So check it out----the
next QSDS will be here before you know it!