Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Teacher Spotlight: Deborah Griffing

With two Fine Arts degrees and a background in teaching, Debbie really knows her stuff. For the past 13 years, she has been working with Goodwill in Columbus to set up and maintain an art studio and gallery for artists with disabilities.
Debbie's classes for 2018 QSDS highlight two very different techniques and types of media. Her 5-day class, during the second week of QSDS (June 4-8), focuses on Creating art from recycled fabrics and embellishments. No need to bring a sewing machine - everything can be hand stitched.  Here is one of her latest pieces, "Space House".

During the last weekend of QSDS (June 9-10), Debbie will share her painting and mixed media skills. No drawing skills are required for this 2-day class! Working on smooth clay-boards, Debbie will encourage you to experiment with techniques that include mono-printing, adding collage elements, and scratching back into the painted surface.
Read the full descriptions of Debbie's classes and see more of her artwork here: