Thursday, February 8, 2018

Teacher Spotlight: Lorie McCown

Lorie studied drawing and painting in college. Although she still paints, much of her work these days involves stitching, either by hand or machine. Her quilt, "The Story Cloth Vol. 1-4", was in Quilt National 2015. She is known for the way she works old textiles into her art, re-purposing them to help tell a story.

Do Treasured family items or discarded pieces of clothing and fabrics from the thrift shop speak to you? Then you might want to join Lorie and spend some time exploring what you can say and do with those textiles.
During the second week of QSDS 2018, Lorie will teach "Connections in Cloth (a 5 day class) and "Ex Voto: Small Stitched Works" (a 2 day class).
Come to QSDS and get some quality stitching time in!
Learn more about her classes here:

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Teacher Spotlight: Susan Lenz

Susan is a multi-faceted fiber artist who has the knack for working on more than one series at a time.  Her artwork includes machine and hand stitchery, altered books and mixed media collage. During the first week at QSDS 2018, Susan will teach HOT and HOTTER.  Here is a commission that Susan created, using the techniques she will teach in her QSDS classes.
Both the five-day and the two-day classes utilize fabrics and tools that may be new to you: Polyester velvet, felt and wood burning tools (yes, you get to melt holes in your artwork!). Add lots of machine-sewn thread and perhaps some metallic foiling and you are guaranteed to be off in a new direction where can you take these techniques and make them your own.
Susan is always exploring new ways of working... Maybe it is time for you to do the same. 
Check out her classes at:

And visit this posting on Susan's blog, or explore the links to videos of her working processes.  You will be amazed by this one: