Sunday, February 3, 2019

Teacher Spotlight: Kevin Womack

Kevin Womack is back by popular demand to teach during the second week of 2019 QSDS. And no wonder—he has a gift for encouraging students to have fun while learning good, effective techniques. Kevin has mastered a wide variety of surface design skills but continues to explore new ones.
 Can you see a certain similarity between his hand dyed shirt and one of the artworks he created in Debbie Griffing’s class last year?? Hey, it’s a great reminder that everyone strives to develop their own very personal set of marks!
Kevin’s five day class will give everyone the luxury of enough time to start with procion dyes and later move into adding other layers of patterning with both dyes and paints. Get ready to experiment with colorful Parfait dyeing, soy wax batik and more.
 For the weekend class, the focus will be on what can be done with paint (no time consuming washing-out of dyes!) It’s always a surprise to see what Kevin brings to be used as mark-making tools, items the rest of us would never think of using with paints. What could be more fun than having the chance to play around under the guidance of an expert, without messing up your own house? Learn more about Kevin and classes #20 and #25 here: