Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Tools of the Trade Tuesday: Embroidery Floss

How do you keep your embroidery fibers? Are they organized on rings like these winders? Do you prefer a jumble of skeins and balls, thinking that it encourages inspiration when colors tangle themselves up into unexpected pairings? Add some fabric and a few needles, and you are ready for Rosalie Dace’s “Handstitching for Texture and Touch” class, June 6-10 at QSDS. Ir’s guaranteed to be five days of  low-stress, enjoyable learning and stitching. Rosalie will provide lots of inspiration from around the world. I’ll bet you have everything you need for this wonderful class right in your sewing room. Check out the full class description and images here:

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Tools of the Trade Tuesday: Beads!

Who doesn’t love beads? They come in so many colors, textures and shapes. And you can find them–-bins and bins of them---in Becky Hancock’s weekend class at QSDS, June 2-4. Becky is on a mission to “Beadify the Universe” and she wants us all to come along for the amazing, colorful ride. Make earrings, necklaces, her famous bead kabob bracelet, or try embellishing felt balls. Becky brings everything you might possibly want, including the beads, tools, wire and other findings. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced beader, Becky will have you looping wires, opening jump rings and designing  fabulous accessories. So come spend the weekend with Becky and the rest of us at QSDS. You’ll love it! Check out the classes here: http://www.qsds.com/classesbysession2016.html

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Who can Resist Shibori?

QSDS is the perfect place to take surface design workshops; an in-depth exploration time without messing up your own house!
 Is learning the ancient Japanese art of Shibori on your bucket list? Why not spend June 6-10 with Sue Cavanaugh?
 Meditative sessions of hand stitching alternate with the excitement of undoing the dyed fabrics to discover how the patterns have turned out. Look at what one of Sue’s students created in her weekend class last year. Just think what you can learn and accomplish in five days! Check it out here: