Saturday, March 27, 2021

Spotlight:‌ ‌Clare‌ ‌Murray‌ ‌Adams‌

 Do you like to work with more than just fabric? Does your workspace include a stash of paints, crayons and interesting papers? Well, let me introduce you to Clare Murray Adams. Clare combines fabrics and papers, paint and thread in her art. She is a true mixed media artist whose previous classes at QSDS have included encaustics and collaged books.

This year, Clare will guide you through an exploration of what happens when you layer fabric on paper and paper on fabric.

Her students will experiment with painting, mark making and hand stitching. Clare is an expert in many techniques and types of media, but you will also, very painlessly, learn a lot about design.
Clare is teaching during the first week of Virtual QSDS. There will be a five-day session of “Collage With Stitch” starts on May 31, followed by the two-day version (but this class only has 2 spaces left). What could be better than a week immersing yourself in mixed media? Check out all the details here:

Thursday, March 11, 2021

Teacher Spotlight: Deborah Griffing

 Debbie has taught at The Ohio State University and shows her work in many galleries. She works with Goodwill Industries and set up an art studio for individuals with disabilities. This ongoing enterprise enables the participating artists to make an income.

Are you interested in recycling, upcycling and using found materials?  Take a look at what some of Debbie’s previous QSDS students have created in her 5-day class “Hand Stitching: Forming Discarded Fabric Into Intimate Sculptural Art.”

It’s amazing what you can do with wool sweaters and skirts that have been thrown into 

the wash and felted a bit. Add some other discarded fabrics, a batch of buttons and embroidery floss and it all can become whatever you can imagine.

Debbie’s techniques are easy to learn and you don’t even need a sewing machine. Houses trees, boats, creatures, soft books—what will you dream up?

Debbie is also a painter. Her weekend class is  freeing and fun, and you don’t have to be good at either drawing or painting! Students will work on small clayboard panels, using oil pastels, watercolors and whatever other art supplies you might already have. This is a chance to play around with colors and shapes and maybe even discover some new techniques.

Debbie’s classes are the first week of QSDS. For more information, go to:

Monday, March 8, 2021

Teacher Spotlight: Jane Sassaman

You may know Jane’s quilts, which have won many awards, or you may have some of her prints in your fabric stash. Jane is a designer extraordinaire and a master quilter!

She will teach two classes during the first week of Virtual QSDS. In her five-day “Abstracting From Nature” Jane will guide you through design exercises based on nature, such as your favorite flower, insect or tree. You will experiment with design tools such as exaggeration simplification and abstraction that will help you translate your idea into fabric. Jane likes to say that she specializes in teaching the “drawing-impaired and the tragically literal.” Sounds like we all need Jane’s guidance!

Her two day class “Pattern Play” focuses on how to take simple shapes and gradually build them into interesting repeating patterns. Jane will share her machine applique techniques and, if you may end up looking in a different light at your sewing machine’s rarely-used patterned stitches. 

Learn more about Jane and her classes here:

COVID is not going to stop QSDS!!!

 Finally, some good news for 2021: QSDS is returning….virtually! We’re offering a whole new creative adventure, presenting live sessions on ZOOM. 

As in previous years, QSDS will offer two and five-day workshops over the course of two weeks, from May 31st through June 13th. Our 11 prestigious instructors will share their expertise in a variety of topics, including color exploration, design, printing, embroidery and more!
Each day will include everything you expect from QSDS: demonstrations, informative presentations, group discussions and individual critiques. All from the comfort of your own studio!

All classes will be recorded and available to students for two weeks. Pat Pauly’s classes will not be recorded, but she will be available to students who have technical issues that cause them to miss class.

In addition to the classes, QSDS will offer many of our much-loved traditions, including:

  • Evening faculty presentations
  • A virtual “bus tour” that includes a tour of Quilt National at the Dairy Barn
  • An evening mini-bazaar, via Zoom
  • An online auction of mini-quilts, in support of our scholarship fund

QSDS virtual schedule:

Class – 11am-1:30pm (Eastern Standard Time)
Break – 1:30-2:30pm EST
Class – 2:30-5:30pm EST
Evening activities – 7pm EST
QSDS will be different this year, but I’m excited to share this new format with our creative community. Nurture your creativity and join us...virtually!

Tracy Rieger
Director of The Quilt & Surface Design Symposium

Thursday, March 19, 2020

COVID-19 update for QSDS 2020

COVID - 19 Update: As we get closer to gathering for the next QSDS, I know that many of you are wondering how the ever-evolving Covid-19 situation will affect our upcoming 31st annual Quilt & Surface Design Symposium.
We have a wonderful two weeks planned! The teachers are excited and ready to share their knowledge.
A few facts about our venue:
QSDS takes place on the campus of CCAD, the Columbus College of Art & Design.
-There are no regular summer classes in session. So, except for a skeleton staff in places like the bookstore, the dining hall and of course the campus security team, we have the campus pretty much to ourselves.
-The CCAD campus includes a health clinic. QSDS students who have needed to use this clinic in the past because of an injury or illness can report that they were treated quickly and in an efficient and caring manner.
-Each student has his or her own table (two in Independent Study), so we already have been practicing “social distancing” in the classrooms.
-The dorm rooms are set up so that each resident has a separate bedroom and a shared bathroom. There are also hotel accommodations within walking distance.
-The dining hall is very large and just like everyone else these days, the staff will continue to be very careful about cleaning and disinfecting everything. There are also other options for eating meals nearby, as well as our usual set-up with a shared fridge/freezer and microwaves on each floor of the dorm.
-Our largest gatherings are usually in the campus auditorium. That auditorium is so large that we can all very easily sit with two seats between each person and still comfortably see and hear presentations.
QSDS 2020 is seventy-two days away. We will continue to keep up with all the latest changes and news. But be assured that everyone will work together to make sure that we all have a safe, happy and enriching experience. We gather (carefully, and with washed hands and plenty of Purell!) to learn, create and share the joy that comes from art!

Friday, March 13, 2020

Teacher Spotlight: Kevin Womack

Everyone loves surface design but creating with dyes and paints at home can be challenging. Wouldn't it be wonderful to have time to focus on the messy stuff, perhaps try some new techniques and create a whole new body of work? Kevin Womack is here to help you do just that.
He will lead a dyeing & Surface Design Independent Study during the second week of QSDS. With the luxury of seven days and his expert guidance, you can explore whatever is on your bucket list: shibori, printing with thickened dyes, discharging, deconstructed screen printing, soy wax batik and more.
Kevin has mastered them all. Each day will begin with a short demo and discussion. There will be plenty of one-on-one time and individual critiques or problem solving sessions.
You will learn a lot about color theory and design as you build your knowledge, your skills and your fabric stash.
So come work in a supportive atmosphere, at a college set up for surface design, and see where you can go.  You will be ready to start on a whole new series of artworks with your fabrics.
Only have five days available? You don’t have to sign up for the whole seven days. Or if you want MORE experience and guidance from Kevin, you can also sign up for his two-day Printing Possibilities class in Session 2 and have nine days to create!!

Read more about Kevin and his classes here:

Monday, April 29, 2019

QSDS lost a friend and teacher in April. Bob Adams was one of those heroic figures
who taught art to junior high kids, introducing them to the joys of art. Bob first came to
QSDS while the symposium was at the Josephinum, taking a machine quilting class
with Caryl Bryer Fallert.
Bob mastered machine quilting, focusing on both its use as a texture and as a way to
subtly change the colors moving across a surface. He taught this and a variety of
surface design techniques many times at QSDS. Bob’s work has been juried into Quilt
National and a host of other gallery shows.
We can’t think of Bob without thinking about his wife Natalie. They were college
sweethearts who truly were best friends. They celebrated their 50 th wedding anniversary
while at QSDS. It was heart-warming to see how much they enjoyed and delighted in
each other’s company. We all should hope for such a wonderful relationship.