Monday, January 7, 2019

Teacher Spotlight: Rosalie Dace

Rosalie, whose home is in Durban, South Africa, gets the prize for traveling the farthest to teach at QSDS. She is a “Jill of All Trades,” with a skill set that includes all methods of piecing, applique and embroidery, so you will often find her students approaching their designs using a variety of techniques. On the other hand, digital presentations can still confound Rosalie, who carries lots of flash drives just in case!
Windows and doors have always been an inspiration for artists. They are the starting point for her 5-day class, “Looking In, Looking Out.” Whether you choose to work somewhat realistically, or start with a structure then see where it leads you, this is sure to be a great class.
Kuba cloth, one of the traditional textiles woven in the Congo, is the inspiration for “Kuba Connections,” Rosalie’s weekend class. Last year, Rosalie found this wonderful example for sale from Becky Hancock, one of the QSDS vendors.
These very graphic woven textiles are the perfect starting point for a pieced design. Rosalie’s knowledge of African textiles and culture is vast.

During the first seven days of QSDS, Rosalie will be the mentor for Independent Study. Are you on a roll with a series of artworks, or ready to launch into a new quilt idea that has been in your head? Don’t need to learn any new techniques? Then Independent Study may be perfect for you. Rosalie will lead morning discussions, individual and group critiques. There is a reason why so many QSDS “alumni” continue to relish focusing on their own work, and enjoy the camaraderie that can come with it.
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