Tuesday, October 16, 2018

QSDS Historian Diane Herbort shares her memories of Father Larry Nolan

Last month we lost a good friend, Father Larry Nolan. Father Larry was a part of QSDS from the very beginning, when we were at the Pontifical College Josephinum. He was, by nature, a friendly but shy man. At first he would quietly set up his camera and tripod in the doorway or very back of a classroom and photograph the students and teachers as they sewed or scrutinized their designs pinned to the design boards. As he got to know us and became more comfortable, he became an integral part of the QSDS experience. Father Larry had a special knack for snapping interesting photos of the teachers. An entire class would actually pay attention and hold still for a nice group shot under Larry Nolan’s direction—I wish he was still there with me every time I try to accomplish the same task at QSDS each year
Father Larry was a man of many talents. His artistic pursuitss included glass blowing and quilt making as well as photography. He was always interested in learning new things. He did not share my fondness for capturing the quirky, funny or simply odd moments of life at QSDS—he left that part up to me. On the other hand, he was always a good sport. One year, when a friend sent me a birthday package containing “elderlythemed” temporary tattoos, Father Larry good-naturedly let Tracy apply one on his arm. It complimented the indoor scooter he was zipping around on at that time.

 I have been truly blessed to know such a kind and caring person, someone whose entire life was devoted to service and learning, someone who had found peace and joy in life. As I slip in and out of classrooms with my own little cameras, something of Father Larry Nolan will always be there with me.