Monday, March 28, 2022

Teacher Spotlight: David Hornung

David, a retired university professor is the author of “Color: a Workshop For Artists

and Designers.” You may even have a copy of this book on your bookshelf.

His own art focuses on painting and collage.

During the second week of QSDS, David will teach a seven-day  Collage Workshop. If you have never really devoted much time to this useful and highly addictive art form, you are in for a treat, and possibly a revelation. The supplies are simple—and  

almost everywhere. Aside from some glue, brushes, scissors and basic colors of paints, the main medium of collage is paper.

Anything goes–magazines, old book pages, envelopes, maps, you name it.

I can guarantee that there will be a lot of sharing and trading of collage papers in class.

Students will concentrate on smaller collages, working out ideas, themes, design concepts.

Pretty much anything goes. For those who have worked primarily in fabric, you will

find that this is a really great way to explore color and design concepts in a much

faster way then when you work with precious fabric. And, also to refine ideas that might lead to new fiber art. But collages are also a beautiful and satisfying art form on their own. 

For seven days, you can focus on a very freeing way of working, with the time

and space to spread out and really get into it. Who knows where this will lead?

And don’t worry, if, along the way, your work table looks like this for a while.

Sometimes that is just part of the creative process!

Check out David’s class and those of the other great QSDS

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  1. David is a fabulous teacher, he brought out the best in his students.