Friday, January 23, 2015

See Quilt National at QSDS 2015

Need an extra incentive for coming to QSDS this year? It’s a Quilt National year! This biennial exhibit debuts at the Dairy Barn Arts Center in Athens, Ohio, just days before we gather in Columbus.

Each Wednesday the QSDS bus trip will visit the Dairy Barn to see this innovative collection. Seeing this inspiring and thought-provoking show in its home venue is always a fabulous experience. When Quilt National travels it is usually split into two sections, so this is a unique opportunity to view the entire exhibition in one place.

The jurors for 2015 Quilt National were museum curator Judy Schwender and two renowned fiber artists, both members of the QSDS faculty: Ann Johnston and Rosalie Dace. Rosalie will be teaching at QSDS again this year. View her upcoming classes here.

The bus trip leaves each Wednesday at noon and returns around 7 p.m. Snacks are provided. The bus trip costs $70. 

QSDS is always a true “art immersion” experience. Work in the classrooms as early or late as you like, see evening presentations from faculty members, enjoy the mini bazaar each Tuesday and for heavens’ sake, be sure to go on the bus trip!  


Photos: The Dairy Barn Arts Center (top); QSDS team member Diane Muse hands out snacks on the Wednesday bus trip (bottom)

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