Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Rosalie Dace; Teacher Extraordinaire!

Once in a while, you get to take a chance to take a class from a really great teacher. One who knows her stuff, comes prepared and skillfully fans the flame of inspiration. Rosalie Dace is one of those teachers.
This year at QSDS, she is teaching all four sessions! In her class #16,"Positively Line and Shape",
she will help you focus on two of the most important design elements during this five day session.
If you only have a weekend free, join her popular "Dizzy Circles" class #22
Or if you are an artist that would just like to focus on a specific piece or series and are not particularly interested in taking another technique class, you should spend seven days in Rosalie's Independent Study during Sessions 1 and 2.
There is a reason why Rosalie comes back to QSDS every year and has so many repeat students.  I bet you'll become one too!

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