Friday, March 3, 2017

Try Something Completely Different!!

Are you into mixed Media? Have you been thinking about branching out and working with more than just fabric? Then we have a great class for you! During Sessions 1 and 2 of QSDS, Jiyoung Chung will teach two classes in the traditional Korean art of Joomchi. But the results are far from traditional! Transform mulberry paper into a strong, flexible, fabric-like surface.  How did Jiyoung get those lovely, lacy holes in this sample?
Joomchi can be stitched by hand or machine or molded and coaxed into three-dimensional shapes! You can add yarns or trims to the surface, similarly to the way you do in felting.  Spend five days with Jiyoung or come for the weekend.  It is fun and inspiring, guaranteed to get you thinking about your art in a different way.  Check out Jiyoung's classes here:

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