Saturday, October 21, 2017

Teacher Spotlight - Clare Murray-Adams

Clare is an art quilter who became interested in encaustics (the use of melted wax), for painting and collage.  She brings her fabric and sewing experience to this fascinating medium. During the second week of QSDS, Clare will teach two classes that carry encaustics into a less traditional direction.

The encaustic medium can be used as is, for a mysterious, cloudy look, or you can stencil or drip or paint with pigment to give it a completely different feel.
Clare brings the wax, the pigments and about a gazillion tools for adding texture!
Students will learn to dip fabrics and papers into the wax to create book pages and collages with paper, fabric, threads and found objects.  YES! You can sew through these!
Carry this even further and experiment with forming vessels and small 3-D sculptures.  Here are some small pieces created by her last group of students at QSDS.
If you are thinking about exploring encaustics, or are curious about adding other mediums to your textile pieces, then this is the perfect way to try it out and to learn from one of the best!
Clare's classes are #17 (5 days) and #22 (2 days) on the QSDS schedule.
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