Sunday, November 26, 2017

Teacher Spotlight: Deborah Fell

Deborah knows a thing or two about both art and teaching.  Along with being a professional artist with a whole range of gallery shows and artist residencies under her belt, she was a public school teacher for many years.  She is an expert at creating a supportive and inspirational atmosphere for her students.
Deborah will teach two classes during the first week of QSDS 2018.  Come for her 5-day class and immerse yourself in the rewards of working on a series of small fabric collages.  Don't want to bring a sewing machine?  This is a chance to explore collage and mark-making via hand stitching, so a machine is not an absolute must!
On the weekend, Deborah will add paper and paints to the mix of fabrics and fibers. Bring your sewing machine and zoom along. Deborah has lots of techniques and good solid design advice to share. You are sure to go home energized and ready to continue on your creative journey.
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