Tuesday, July 3, 2018

QSDS 2018: What We Did and What You Missed

Those two weeks of QSDS flew by! Whew!
Maria Shell was among the teachers who came to QSDS for the first time - all the way from Alaska!
She guided two different groups of students through the intricacies of improvisational strip piecing. Those sewing machines and rotary cutters really got a work-out!
Maria helped Beth Esmont work out a very complex design.

Seth Apter brought his vast mixed media knowledge to QSDS and encouraged everyone to create complex surfaces from papers, fabrics and embellishments. 
As Susan Haftel discovered, there was no such thing as too many layers of painting, stenciling, collaging and stitching.
Kristen Rodriguez created a lovely group of booklets destined to be wrapped inside painted and collaged covers.

QSDS was a little more of an adventure this year.  The college decided to completely resurface almost every street and sidewalk surrounding the campus. It made for some things, such as getting to the dining hall, quite an adventure!
Orange barrels and cones were everywhere. But, very soon, all of this will be completed. When we meet again at CCAD next May for QSDS's 30th anniversary, the campus will be beautiful.
So, check out the 2019 class listings and start planning!

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