Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Teacher Spotlight: Deborah Fell

Deborah is a hard-working fiber artist who has recently been recognized for one of her
most emotionally moving quilts. At the most recent Visions show, she was awarded the
Quilts Japan Prize. This means Deborah will be visiting Japan soon!
Often one to incorporate social justice themes into her work, Deborah’s award-winning
quilt, “A Place to Lay My Head” was inspired by her musings about the difficult,
dangerous travels of refugees, who often have nothing but the clothes on their backs.
In it, you can see many of the techniques that Deborah uses, the ones she will share
with her students during the first week of QSDS 2019, where she will teach a five day
and a two day class. Are you intrigued by the textures and layers? Would you like to try
working in a collage style, incorporating painting, printing and even paper? Well,
Deborah can guide you into this fascinating world of mixed media fiber art. Check out
her classes, #6 and #12, here:http://www.qsds.com/classesbysession2019.html

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