Friday, April 3, 2009

I have been out of blogging commission for the last week due to a sprained ankle! but this has given me lots of time to sit and do some art work. So today I decided to climb up the stairs on my hands and knees to the computer room and tell you about it!
I have been really mixing up my mediums to create some interesting collages lately! And I have just found a new technique that I have become kind of obsessive about. --loop embroidery!!! I will take a few photos as soon as I have my first piece done. It is small, but I am planning on cutting it out and combining it with some of my oil painting and some beautiful textiles. I am so excited!!
O.K. my loop embroidery obsession is calling to me. I must now slide down the stairs on my backside and get back to work... Photos to follow!!

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