Monday, April 27, 2009


This is Katy. She is the other diva in the family. I don't know what we do to our animals that gives them this air of confidence! She is an outdoor/indoor cat that hunts and socializes with neighbors while outdoors and insists on having her "lounging blanket" (as seen in photo) moved to the warmest spots around the house when inside. She is quite the lady. Her other favorite past time is hanging out with me in my studio. It does not matter if I am working with clay or paint or fabric, she always wants to be right in the middle of it and I am sure she influences me subconsciously!

So, this brings up another whole question.... am I wrong to label my work "non-objective" if I am being influenced without my knowing it? Does that mean I should describe my work as "subconsciously abstract"? Or since I am now consciously aware of an influence should I just come right out and call it abstract? Any thoughts?

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