Monday, March 30, 2015

Instructor Spotlight: Fran Skiles

 What is Fran Skiles doing here? More importantly, what does she plan to do with that cheesecloth that she just painted? Being a mixed media artist extraordinaire, she might print on it with other designs, layer it over or under something else and turn it!   

At QSDS this year, Fran will be teaching “Fabric & Paper Collage, Printing and Painting.” Doesn’t that sound like a combination of techniques you’d love to try? How about having five whole days (June 1–5) to experiment? That's plenty of time to get up close and personal with gesso, gel medium, paints, papers and a sturdy base of cotton duck. Fran knows her way around a photocopy and she always knows what to do with some cheesecloth.  Check it out and see some images of Fran’s artwork here (scroll down to the end of Session 3).

Better yet, sign up for Fran's class! Don't delay, there's just two spots left! Sign up here. 

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