Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Tools of the Trade Tuesday: Machine Sewing Basics

A look at what we use, what we bring with us to QSDS and what we need for our creative life.

What do you really need right there by your sewing machine? Scissors, thread and bobbins. Probably pins unless you are a wild and confident machine piecer. Circles abound in our lives. Look down at your own work table and I’ll bet you see them. There are more than tools here. There is an interesting composition: it's the same shape repeating in clusters and varying sizes. Get back to sewing or stop and make a sketch, a reminder for the future when you need an idea. 

Where will we find you with your own machine this year, when QSDS begins? How about in class #17 or #24 with Cynthia Corbin, or the Independent Study #18, or Rosalie Dace’s guided classes, #5 or #11? Check them out here, but don't delay- classes are filling fast! 

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