Friday, April 3, 2015

Instructor Spotlight: Lisa Binkley

Lisa Binkley loves beads and she loves hand embroidery. She creates everything from quilts to elaborate box-like assemblages, all embellished with beads. 

I’ll bet you’ve got beads in your stash. But do you know how to do anything other than sew them on, one at a time? How about using them to hold cabochons onto a quilt, or build into 3-D designs, or create an elaborate beaded edge?  Spend a wonderful weekend learning how to really use those beads in fabulously creative ways, and have fun with the rest of us at QSDS. Check out Lisa’s class, "The Handmade Stitch on Hand-Dyed Fabric" here. But don't delay- there are just four spots left!

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