Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Tools of the Trade Tuesday: Bead Storage

We know NOT to throw away metal Altoid containers. They can become the perfect little sewing kit, a tiny watercolor set or a way to carry beads and embellishments. This smart student brought her color-coordinated batches of beads, ready to lay out and then safely snap closed after a day of stitching. Designate one for each color, then toss in the last few buttons or beads. Soon you have your very own mixes of “bead soup,” an ingredient for creativity. 

Bring your beads to Lisa Binkley’s class, "The Hand-Made Stitch on Hand-Dyed Fabric," or embellish your quilts in Rosalie Dace’s classes, "Here and Now" or "African Motif in Design." You can also add your beads to the huge selection that Becky Hancock will bring for her weekend class, "Beadification of the Universe." After all, you can’t have too many beads. Click here to read the class descriptions: qsds.com

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