Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Sue Benner - Mastering the Independent Study at QSDS

Declare your independence with Sue Benner.
Not everyone comes to QSDS to take a guided class. Perhaps you’ve taken plenty of classes already and want to focus on what you’ve already learned. Maybe you are on a roll, in the midst of a series or happily working in a particular style. On the other hand, maybe you are a little bit stuck. Then spending Session 1 & 2 with Sue Benner could be just the thing for you!  Seven days of independent study is a chance to be productive in the company of fellow fiber artists----and no need to do the dishes or clean the house. Sue is a great mentor, leading art-focused discussions and individual critiques. This class also has the added bonus of extra work space.  Each student gets two tables and two design boards. 
Plus, QSDS is fun! You’ll be productive, make friends and share in all the activities such as the mini bazaar and the bus trip to regional galleries. Trust me, it’s a wonderful way to spend a week.  Check out Sue’s upcoming class here:

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