Wednesday, October 14, 2015

You did WHAT at QSDS?

I’ve been thinking about all the slightly strange and truly wonderful things that we do at QSDS.  It all depends on which classes you sign up for. This past year, we stenciled and stamped with thickened dyes, stitched delicate sheer fabrics, stitched gesso-coated fabrics and papers, grated watercolor crayons through silk screens, burned small holes using sticks of incense, and drew on big sheets of paper using very, very long brushes. Debra Danko saved all of her gloves as the week progressed. Tinted with the paints and inks she used in Fran Skiles class, she created a sort of “installation” that accompanied some of her class work. That was a first for QSDS. What “Strange and Wonderfuls” are on the bill for next year? Check back soon for more about that!

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