Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Teacher Spotlight: Jiyoung Chung

Do you love fiber? Do you enjoy collage? Are you ready to try something that is a bit “out of the box?” Well, meet Jiyoung Chung. She will introduce you to Joomchi, a traditional Korean art that transforms mulberry paper into a soft, stitch-ablefabric-like surface. Melding together the mulberry papers is sort of like felting, in that the “unwrapping” to see how it’s turning out can be pretty exciting.

Jiyoung will encourage you to try cutting, collaging or weaving the paper. You can add lines of yarn or lace or mold the joomchi into shapes. Here are just a few of the possibilities:

Imagine any of this combined with fabric. Or imagine more stitching on these intriguing pieces. Nancy Karst collaged crochet and lace into the blue piece in the foreground, thus beginning an exciting, new series for her.

Some teachers are so delightful and enthusiastic, and some techniques are so intriguing that students end up signing up for all seven days. This often happens in Jiyoung’s classes. Check out Jiyoung’s classes, and some of her artwork here:

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