Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Teacher Spotlight: Susan Lenz

Susan Lenz is an artist and teacher who cannot be pegged into just one style or technique. She first became known for her quilts that incorporated grave rubbings on fabric.
 Susan is an avid collector of anything with a history: fabric, linens, buttons, old keys, spools—eventually it all finds its way into her quilts, collages, and installations. Do found objects speak to you also? Then why not join Susan’s “Second Life’ class?
You’ll have fun creating a series of small collages and stitched artworks using items provided by Susan from her vast collection. Then you will be ready to recycle your own treasures into art.
 Susan is a colorful gal so don’t assume everything she creates is in white and beige! Her QSDS weekend workshop, “HOT” focuses on her technique for transforming colorful fabrics into lacy artworks that will remind you of stained glass.
Everyone had so much fun in these classes last year. Students found that it was a technique that is easily adaptable to your own style and colors. Best of all, Susan brings almost everything, including a sewing machine or two. Check it out here:

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  1. Thank you so much for this "teacher spotlight" and especially for the opportunity to return to Columbus in 2019! So looking forward to spending time with other fiber enthusiasts.