Saturday, March 27, 2021

Spotlight:‌ ‌Clare‌ ‌Murray‌ ‌Adams‌

 Do you like to work with more than just fabric? Does your workspace include a stash of paints, crayons and interesting papers? Well, let me introduce you to Clare Murray Adams. Clare combines fabrics and papers, paint and thread in her art. She is a true mixed media artist whose previous classes at QSDS have included encaustics and collaged books.

This year, Clare will guide you through an exploration of what happens when you layer fabric on paper and paper on fabric.

Her students will experiment with painting, mark making and hand stitching. Clare is an expert in many techniques and types of media, but you will also, very painlessly, learn a lot about design.
Clare is teaching during the first week of Virtual QSDS. There will be a five-day session of “Collage With Stitch” starts on May 31, followed by the two-day version (but this class only has 2 spaces left). What could be better than a week immersing yourself in mixed media? Check out all the details here:

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