Monday, March 8, 2021

Teacher Spotlight: Jane Sassaman

You may know Jane’s quilts, which have won many awards, or you may have some of her prints in your fabric stash. Jane is a designer extraordinaire and a master quilter!

She will teach two classes during the first week of Virtual QSDS. In her five-day “Abstracting From Nature” Jane will guide you through design exercises based on nature, such as your favorite flower, insect or tree. You will experiment with design tools such as exaggeration simplification and abstraction that will help you translate your idea into fabric. Jane likes to say that she specializes in teaching the “drawing-impaired and the tragically literal.” Sounds like we all need Jane’s guidance!

Her two day class “Pattern Play” focuses on how to take simple shapes and gradually build them into interesting repeating patterns. Jane will share her machine applique techniques and, if you may end up looking in a different light at your sewing machine’s rarely-used patterned stitches. 

Learn more about Jane and her classes here:

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