Saturday, May 1, 2021

Teacher Spotlight: Becky Hancock

Becky is the owner of St Theresa’s Textile Trove. Many of us have spent a very happy time discovering the beads, fabrics and mysterious embellishments that she brings when she sets up her store at QSDS. Becky is one of the most creative and accomplished people you will ever meet.

Her class during the first weekend of QSDS is “A Trio of Joy Mojonators.” What’s a Mojonator? It’s a mixed media art piece brings color and joy, creativity and good Mojo to your studio, sewing room or home.

 Students who sign up for Becky’s class will receive a package full of fabulous components sure to inspire you: beads, fabric, ribbons, trims, embellishments of all sorts.

She’s already started sorting through the goodies, choosing the embellishments with the best mojo! Knowing Becky, it will all be wonderful and selected with love. Becky’s classes are always fun relaxing and full of laughter. So why not make something wonderful for yourself or for a friend? Learn more here:

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