Sunday, April 18, 2021

Teacher Spotlight: Judy Rush

 Fiber art encompasses a myriad of materials and techniques, which may be why quilters often include more than just plain old fabric into their quilts. Needle felting is one of those options.

Judy Rush is a master of all types of felting. Here is her amazing installation that was at the Riffe Gallery:

 During the second week of Virtual QSDS she will guide you through the basics—and beyond–-of needle felting. If you’ve ever admired (and perhaps fondled) lusciously colored hanks of wool roving, this is the time to try it out! The tools are pretty simple, mainly what you’d call “poky things” that meld together and shape the fibers.

In the five-day class, Judy will take you all the way through incorporating armatures that allow you to make any free-standing shape you can imagine.

You know this class is going to be fun! What can you dream up? 

The weekend class is enough time to really understand the technique and make a creature or two. There is a lot you can do without any armature.

Have you seen quilts with landscape details created in needle felted wool? What kinds of dimensional art would YOU do with your new needle-felting skills? Learn more about Judy and her QSDS classes here:

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