Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Teacher Spotlight: Amanda McCavour

 Water soluble stabilizers have revolutionized machine embroidery. Canadian artist Amanda McCavour is a master of this technique.  Her impossibly airy artworks have become otherworldly gallery installations.

Others are whimsical and almost transparent. They might remind you of Pop Art. And all of them are stitched from thread, sewn onto wash-away stabilizers.

During the second week of Virtual QSDS, Amanda will teach two classes. For five days,  “Experimental Embroidery With Water Soluble Stabilizers,” will have you working with  different types of stabilizers and threads, doing both free-motion and feed-dogs-p stitching. What happens if you add bits of fabric, trims or even paper? Since we are virtual this year, You will be in the comfort of your own sewing space on your own machine—no need to pack up all your thread!

Only have the weekend free? Then why not focus on “Embroidered Botany?” Amanda will have you creating flowers, leaves, vines, twigs, etc in both two dimensions and three. Check it all out here: https://www.qsds.com/teachers2021.html

Photo Credit: Christine Lim

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