Thursday, April 15, 2021

Teacher Spotlight: Kevin Womack

 Kevin (shown here with pal Nan Turner) is well-known for his colorful dyed and printed fabrics and T shirts. During the second week of Virtual QSDS, he will teach his five-day “Color Explorations for Fiber Artists.” So many of us found our way into quilting with no formal art background. We all love color but never had to deliberately create a split complementary combination. But it helps to know one when you see it. Kevin’s class is a chance to explore classic color relationships so that you can make more informed choices going forward. 

You will need a traditional art-store color wheel for reference, but all the other supplies are already RIGHT THERE in your work space. This is the perfect “Virtual” class because  you have access to your entire stash! Students will work with fabric or papers, such as magazine pages, to experiment with a whole series of color relationships.

So why not treat yourself to a class that will improve your fiber art and your color confidence. 

Kevin will also teach two weekend classes. In “Printing Possibilities,” he will show you so many ways to use a silkscreen—and possibly some tools from your kitchen or junk drawer.

What about those pieces of fabulous fabric that you made in a class or bought from, well, maybe from Kevin himself? Has it sat in your stash and become Precious Fabric? Spend the last weekend of QSDS trying out Kevin’s method for cutting and arranging that fab fabric into an easy to sew quilt top.

Come on, join the fun and the learning. Check out Kevin’s classes here:

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