Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Planning for a Healthy QSDS

 Are you looking forward to seeing me as much as I am looking forward to seeing you?? 

I’m sure you have many questions about how we will safely gather for QSDS. 

First, every student and faculty member must show proof of both vaccinations. 

The protocol for the Columbus College of Art and Design requires faculty, students and employees to be fully vaccinated unless they have an exemption. Exempted people are tested weekly. Keep in mind that there will be very few CCAD students on campus while we are there. CCAD employees you might interact with would be those who work in the library, bookstore and dining hall, as well as the wonderful security guards who look after us so well. Masks are not mandated in Ohio but many of these employees choose to wear them. 

Covid Testing: If you wake up unwell and feel the need to get tested during your time in Columbus, the protocol is to get tested at the local CVS or Walgreens. We will arrange to take you there. 

Masks: We will keep you updated about this. By all means, if you prefer to wear a mask indoors, please do so. I will be wearing one! 

Classrooms: Every QSDS student has a full table and design board. The 7-day classes get two tables/boards, which spaces students out even more. Those of you who have attended our symposium know that some of the classrooms are actually large spaces with very tall ceilings. The smaller classrooms have doors at both ends and also tend to have an open “spillover area” for working. Some of the surface design classes will be in a building that includes a dye lab with a built-in exhaust  fan system. We will do our best to space everyone out comfortably. 

Activities: CCAD has a HUGE, fabulous auditorium with a very large screen and terrific sound system. We will have the Faculty Presentations and the Keynote Address in there. Plenty of room for everyone to spread out, but comfortably see and hear.


The Mini Bazaar takes place on the third floor of Crane (the main classroom building) in a large open area 

We will not have a bus tour on Wednesday this year. If you signed up for this, the fee will be removed from your balance or refunded if you have already paid in full. I think everyone will welcome an extra afternoon with time to work and also some decompression time. We have some fun things planned that will leave you refreshed and give everyone a little break. 

Housing: Schottenstein

Dorm is set up so that each QSDS student will has a totally private bedroom. Pairs of roommates share a bathroom and small kitchenette area. If you prefer a private room, a limited number are available.

Meals: The Dining Hall is right across the road from the building where most classes are held. It’s large, with lots of tables so we are not crammed together while eating.

You have the option, especially on nice days, of getting your meal as take-out. The campus has benches, tables and lovely garden spots just steps from the Dining Hall. Plenty of opportunities for fresh air and a picnic. There is also a Hills grocery store behind the dining hall. 

We will keep you up to date if there are any changes, or anything else you will need to know.

Now is the time to sign up. There is still room in most of the classes. Join us as we all celebrate creating together in person!!

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