Monday, March 14, 2022

Teacher Spotlight: Jeannette DeNicolis Meyer

 Jeanette will be teaching at QSDS during the second week.  Her skill sets include many types of surface design as well as a broad range of both machine and hand sewing techniques. Are you intrigued by sheer fabrics?  In “Sheer Play: Painting, Designing and Constructing with Translucent Fabrics” Jeanette guides you through all stages, from painting various types of fabrics to trying different ways to piece or collage sheers. You will learn how to take advantage of the translucence of these beautiful fabrics.

One of Jeanette’s strengths is in composition.
This is a chance to explore what you can do with fabrics that are very different from the usual quilting cottons.

On the weekend. Jeanette turns to another one of her interests, handmade books.

She will supply the pages for the books and guide you through the steps of

assembling and stitching it all together. But the real fun will be in creating a

beautiful fabric cover.

Do you envision a mini-quilt, a mixed media collage or perhaps beautiful fabric

embellished with hand or machine embroidery? 

 Are you intrigued? I’ll bet you also have friends who are not into quilts but would love to make a special treasure like this. Check out Jeanette’s classes here:

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